Discover Your Potentials, You Have Power

6:33 AM

You must know that you have power within you. Discover your potentials.
“The moment you become friends with your inner Self, you realize that the failures or hindrances that you met earlier were caused more by your disconnected status with your inner Being.” _Stephen Richards
 Have you heard about the Shaolin Monks? The movie Star Wars created by Geoge Lucas and the Jedi knights was based on the Shaolin Monks. By focusing their energy into a certain part of their body, the can demonstrate extra ordinary abilities that defy nature. Shaolin Monks are raised in a temple at their early and to train martial arts. There believe that the strength comes from mind and there are no limits that they can do with their body training. They are practicing to unleash the power of FORCE. The force is real. It is present to every living thing on earth. It's a static force that is waiting to harness.

Don't run against the wind blow
 Have you tried swimming against the current? You can notice that you can only swim in short distance. But when you are swimming with the tide, its easy to get to the shore. Same situation that's happening in human life. People keep struggling against the current of any circumstances. Working hard, determination and your will to succeed is important. But these alone will not take the result you want. This is how we are programmed. When you are aiming for something , you can get burned out, tired, confused and exhausted when you are swimming against the tide of your life. Learn how to use the bright side of the Force. Swim with the tide and run with the wind blow. We can get blind by the dark-side.

  Connect with the Force that can guide you and take you there.
 Imagine when you harness the positive force like the Jedi and use it to create your great future. You can be more productive, calm , strong, lovable , determined and successful. You can even change the world when u unleash the power. You can discover great things that will benefit human being. Things you want will come in easy way. But remember, it would be really hard to connect with the power within you if you are doing the opposite. Go with the flow.

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