Guide how to deal with REJECTIONS

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   This has been one of the most reasons why many network marketer failed in network marketing business. If you are scared of this fact information, well you need to read this blog post because you will know the real world that you are living right now is a world of rejections. Yes! you heard it right, rejection has always been a part of our lives.

You cannot notice it most of the time because you are used to it. One very good example is when you applied for a job and they did not hire you because of the qualifications that you didn't meet or someone else is better than you that fits the position. From our childhood, you might asked a toy that you want but you didn't get it for some reason. It's also a form of rejection.

 If you experienced courting a girl or you like the guy very much but the person you want may want to stay in friend-zone instead, it's a rejection too. Mention some other thing that you didn't get despite of you loving to have it are some other form of rejection. But why is it that rejection in network marketing gives you more pain than other form of rejection? The answer is simple, you are not used to it yet. You are in the new field of mindset that most people didn't understand yet. We were raised with the mindset  of getting high good grades in school for a good job. This might one of the reasons why your friend is no negative of your offer. You looks like fool to them and you are aware of it and that gives you a feeling of discomfort.

Most successful people in our world today suffered an ocean of rejections. Have you heard about the KFC success story? Colonel Sanders who has offered his new chicken recipe to many restaurant owners and got many no replied for his offer? HE didn't quit that's why you can see KFC everywhere. There is also the story of Sylvester Stallone before he became a Hollywood Superstar. He was rejected so many times, but his dream was bigger than rejections that's why he was able to make it. Every rejection, don't take it personally. No means not now and could be a sweet yes in the future. No, doesn't mean that the person said it when you offered the business hates you. Many people already succeeded because they discover how to get through of the rejections.

  Here the possible reasons why your prospect are saying no to your business offer.
  •  You get "No" when you are offering something and and your prospect has questions that are still unclear to them. Before you start meeting with someone for your business offer make sure that you know you business very well. Once they got confused because of you telling unnecessary things, they might not see the benefit of your business offer and simply say no.
  • Your prospect maybe out of focus while you are presenting the business. For some reason, they maybe thinking of other thing they need to prioritized. You may also consider scheduling your prospect for a meeting in his most convenient time to avoid this. If this happen, it's OK, don't pressure the prospect. Your follow up could make his decision a yes to your business.
  • You're getting now maybe because you have missed to explain something. You forgot to categorized your prospect. A right approach for a right prospect will still matter.
  • Your prospect said "no" because he or she is not yet prepared. The prospect is maybe thinking that there are most important thing to prioritized other than paying the registration package in your business. Right prospect will sign up in the right time.
  • Your prospect maybe feeling your insincerity. Keep in mind that network marketing business is a helping business. It's very different from being a salesman because your responsibility doesn't end up after your prospect already get in. You have to train, teach , show and build a connection with them to duplicate you. Let your prospect feel that you care not just for the money. You care for them.
 A yes is mostly when people like you. They are signing up not just because of the opportunity. Yourself is a big factor. There are hundreds of good opportunity there so what's the point of joining you? And your belief, conviction and excitement play an important role when you are presenting. Be a good listener. By simply asking questions and being conversant to your prospect, you will know who you are talking with. It would be easy for you how to present the business more effectively if you identify the needs of your prospect.

 You can get an idea where to focus on by listening to your prospect. You are missing the point if you keep offering the business and putting stress on big income if your prospect focusing on your product. he might not need your opportunity but if the product does.
Rejection. Its becomes easy to deal with once you will get used to it. Learn how to accept that it's already bee a part of our life. When there is pain, you maybe aiming to gain. Success is not easy when you are on your first step getting up there. Put more effort because once you are gaining more experience, its comes easier. But what if you are still getting no? Keep going....

 There are always a right people for you ready and waiting to rock your world. Just don't stop. If they don't want it now. Go now, they will soon say no. Find more people that can dream same as you. Make yourself successful because it's an ultimate revenge for those who rejected you.

  Keep going => :)

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