Handling most common objections in Network Marketing business

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Dealing with different kinds of objections is a tough job specially if it's your firstime to encounter it and you don't know how to handle it. The best way to handle them is the ( FEEL, FELT, FOUND) method in which you tell a story that your client can relate then finally make them realize that there is really no harm in trying because you set them yourself as an example. These are the most common objections that you will be hearing from people when you offer them your business.

  "I don't have time for that." I'm too busy" To handle this objection, you can tell your story if you also started as partime. You can even tell someone's success story that you know in which your client can relate. Your possible response could be, " I also started this business partime while working with my company for 8 hours then take 2 hours of my time doing this business. You are right that it's really hard to have no time because of very tiring work. I just realized that there are better ways in which I can retire earlier and still enjoy my quality time to spend with my family for the rest of my life. "

  "I don't have money to invest " Your response could be, " I understand how difficult to have just enough money to earn a living. And one of the best thing about this business I'm offering with you is you can earn limitless income.I didn't have money also when I am staring so what I did was..( tell here your suggestion like borrow money or selling something to fund the registration ) I found out that this business is really working well creating passive income.

" I am not a salesman" "I also hate that selling when I started in this business. I thought that all I have to do is sell to have income. And I found out that there is a system that's very effective even I don't know how to sell. Selling is only one option on how to earn and I believe you will get more interested in building network. We do this by simply educating people and they will decide for themselves so I"m sure you can be very good at this too."
  " That is a scam " "That is also my impression when this was first introduced to me, then O found out that even the most successful people in the world validate this profession. My company has built a name in the industry and I can assure you that we are very legit and stable."
   "I have to think about it then call you if I have decided to join"
"I can help you right now if you have questions so that you can decide. What are the thing you want know so that I can tell you.You are one of the good friends of mine so I want you to get benefit of this business  too. I found out that this is a good profession I tried myself."  

  "I will consult to my spouse" "Its good so let's go and meet your wife so that I can tell her too about this business. I'm sure you can both benefit in this business. Let's meet here for a coffee."
  "How much money you are making here" One of the best response is “I don’t know, I haven’t finished collecting it yet.” its from Tom Big Al. You can say this coz it's really coming though if you will do it right, Claim it as early as now.  

  "I only have few friends" "I can still remember when I was starting because I thought I don't know anyone. Now I am able to get friends even on social medias that I love most. Let's work out this business together."

     "It's a pyramid, only people at the top make money"  "I also thought that network marketing is just like my company in a corporate world that my boss is at the top and the rank and file employees are at the bottom. Now I found this opporunity unique and everyone hase equal opporunity."      

  "I tried but it didn't work" "Can you tell me about the training's you've attended?" _Let her/him speak and tell why it didn't work for them. Tell your plans and visions. That could make their dreams alive.

   " I don't need it, I have a good job " "It's good. Having a good job is actually designed to earn a living but have you think of a plan B if in case your good job didn't work anymore. I found out that this business could let anyone retire 10 years earlier and enjoy their precious time in vacation with their love ones."

   "My friend didn't succeed, he lost money with this" "Oh it's too bad. But do you know why your friend didn't make it?... Give your facts with basis why it didn't work. " I guess you can do better than that". Let's work it out.
  "I know nothing about business" "I worked for many years in a corporate world so I don't have knowledge about starting business either but I found out that all the training are completely awesome for starters provided by our company for free. Let's talk more about it.."

  "I don't like dealing with people, I hate it"  "Move on. You are talking to the wrong person. He hate life, he hates people. Find people who want our business for a better life."         These are only some of the objections that you can encounter. Most importantly, you can learn by listening  first. You can find answers from what your client's objection.

   Happy networking! Godspeed.

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