Network Marketing Vs. Traditional Business

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Network Marketing business is one of the best opportunity that has ever created. This industry will introduce you to the most amazing people and most positive people in the world. You can have more good friends that I believe will give you a positive impact in your life when you are with the positive people. You can develop personal development through this business. As my personal experience, this helps me a lot to discover the better me.
I would totally say " I love Network Marketing industry and I choose to become effective in this business. Great opportunity is here."
Are you restless?
Unsatisfied of your income that is just enough for you to earn a living?
have you already forgotten about your dreams?
There is a better way for you to see a better world. Life is great! Life is beautiful! But you can't see it when you are blinded by the misery happening in your life.
Here are some of the things that you may not want that are happening in your life.
  • Your boss making your daily work harder
  • 5 days before the pay out day, budget is running out
  • Employment politics
  • Job that don't pay much what you're worth
  • Missing your children's school activity
  • Being away to your family to to work
  • Working for someone build there dream
  • No time and financial freedom

And these could be your answers for an ideal life that you want.

=Time and financial freedom
=spend more time with the family
=You get paid of your worth
=Unlimited income
=Happy family
=Personal growth
=An ability to travel in different part of the world
=Working with a great people
=Successful in the field of business
If we are going to discuss Business vs. Employment you can see the very big difference and you ideal life could only be achieve through business.
Now, given that putting up business will lead you to a fulfilling life, let's talk about Network Marketing and Traditional business.

Traditional business ownership

To start, you can use your family savings or take a new debt in the bank or even borrow money to your family or friends.
  • More debt in the form of leases and personal guarantees.
  • As a starter, you can't focus on one thing you are good at but also act as an attorney, accountant, staff, garbage person, collection agency, purchaser, mediator etc. and you should be doing this to minimize your expenses while working on to have profit on start up.
  • You can be owned by your business. Much of your time is in your business than spending time with your love one's. If you will not managed, can you afford to hire someone do it for you? If yes, I don't think it's necessary. If they have better idea than you , they will do it for themselves rather than getting paid for service working for someone's business.
  • Your stress could be lifetime even you succeeded because of the ups and downs of the market and competition that arise.
  • Spend more money to advertise
  • Hire someone to promote your product

And here is the New Art of business which is Network MARKETING.

This plays a very important role n economic growth. The system is working well because people needs products and services that are essential for daily lives. But people still need to get educated by this industry because not everyone is open minded for this business.
Companies uses network marketing industry to utilize and tell their story to consumers and it's a good strategy for a business.
  • It  fits to the new economy.
  • You don't need to worry about business office, accounting, electricity bill in business, logistics, Legal documents because there is a ready made system that company took the part.
  • It's very efficient online or offline because there is a company office, and a website that you can utilize.
  • No cap on income you want to earn. Work harder, get more.
  • You will get surrounded by passionate people.
  • Residual income that builds legacy.
  • You own your time.
Remember, there is no elevator to success through get rich quick schemes. There legit and there are scams so you really need to choose the right company for you.

Yes you believe in LUCK but let's give it a new definition. Luck is when you meet the opportunity and you are prepared. People get's equal opportunity in network marketing but are different path to success for every people and it tells you if they are prepared or not in the opportunity. Align yourself to the opportunity and you can get a sky rocket to success. Only ask advises to the people who who can make you better in this industry. Choose your friends to hang out with because they have a big impact in your mindset and your life.Ask people who already made to the top of the success.
MLM Business can give you a good future that you want. Do your homework before getting into this business. Choose the right company. Be professional in this field because it can give you more good results. Learn to become effective in network marketing because the potential income is pretty much far from the income you can earn in your job in a lifetime.
I'm not trying to focus in only one side. But these fact are very true. You have the freedom to choose what type of business you want to do.  Do network marketing business if you will commit to become successful what ever problems may come on your way. Keep learning effective strategies because that will bring you much closer to success.
Focus on the things that you want and not to what you don't want.
Learn the principle about the Law of attraction. In my other posts you can read about it that you have power within you.


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