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6:36 AM

Is there a job security? Or it's been a Myth?

Before I discuss everything here, let me tell you that I am not against employment because I was once an employee for 5 years. And we cannot deny the fact that if you have a job with steady and giving high salary is nice. Let's get to the point of writing this article.
If you have a nice job, you can pay your bills, send your children to college and supply your family needs and that's what it is designed for.
You maybe already receiving your monthly pension or just waiting for few months or years to qualify for the benefits but setting yourself up for another source of income is not bad.
Remember that if money keeps coming out for your expenses with out financial source of money coming in then you will wake up broke someday. You need to spend less than what you earn.
Job is really not meant to make you wealthy or anyone else. It's design for survival. Selling your time, effort and service for possible high pay will not give you chance to take in control of your income that you want. Don't get disappointed of hoping that you can find financial freedom as well as having quality time while working for your Boss.

You are a slave for someone if you will keep depending on what they can give you for selling your time. I don't mean to hurt anyone, but the truth will set you free. I was really hurt when I knew this truth but that motivates me to get up on my own by starting a business.

There are millions of people who are jobless. There's an over supply of manpower in world of employment and that will also determine who's the winner in the game. It's the business owners that can get good service from employees but can determine how much they can give to pay. A newly graduate will take a job offer with minimum pay to gain experience. Take it or leave it, somebody else will grab the opportunity to get hired.
I just want to open up your mind that there is no security in job. Anytime your Boss can fire you to hire someone that they can pay for a minimum pay. If you don't work for 1 month then don't expect that your Boss will pay you for not rendering service and selling your time for the company even you stayed there for 50 years. How could you be secure if you got sick?. Your income will also stop if all your income source  will depend on no work no pay basis in your job. Security ? It's already a Myth nowadays and was true long time ago. Grab an opportunity when it comes in your life for the true security in financials which is in business world.
 Do business or not, it's necessary if you want Time and Financial freedom.

Happy Business Day! Godspeed...

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