Which is better, Online or Offline for Network Marketing?

8:18 AM

This is a questions that's easy to answer but could be tricky if you think only one of these 2 is important. Both online and offline is good for business. Know which field you can be more effective. Let me set you these examples. Not all people doesn't like much browsing on internet. And there are people who almost spend their time in front of the computer. There are leads online, and there are leads offline. Doing business online is important, and marketing offline is also important.The key is you have to know yourself in which you are good at and give more focus on it because I'm sure you can create a better result. If you found yourself in-loved using the internet to market your business to people then find mentors that can guide you in online marketing. Be an expert in your field. Learn from an expert in the field you are good at. Same goes the other  way around.  You can apply this principle if you love marketing in offline basis. Keep in mind that our world is constantly changing so you may consider bringing your business online. You can reach hundreds of thousand of potential leads just in front of your computer and you can generate a pretty much income if you will learn the effective network marketing strategies . Millions of people are browsing and using the internet to search for an specific information on web so if you can optimized your business on internet, you are in a good hand.
 One common problem if you are doing your MLM business online is the duplication which is very important in our business. Your new recruit may copy your online strategy and struggle but forget to get through of the basic trainings provided by your company like the product presentation and marketing plan. You may probably be very good in online because of your experiences years after years but your new recruit could be a firs time.
If you are a beginner in Network Marketing Industry, it's not easy to become successful in this business if you lack knowledge and strategies. A duplicable system is needed in our business. Learn from my next topic how to create duplicable system through internet that you can apply in your own team or group. Keep updated. Happy business day. Godspeed..

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